Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship winner, Mia Quick from The College of Saint Rose.

About Mia:

I am a communications major with a concentration in journalism. If my school offered the option I would major in journalism, I’ve fallen in love with it this past semester. I work as the web editor for my school’s paper as well as contribute articles.

I try to focus on the environmental aspects of journalism, because that’s where my heart is at. I think that turning complex, important issues into something digestible for college students is key to beginning change.

This semester, I am studying abroad in Greece in order to expand my cultural and overall perspective on what it means to be unbiased and innovative in my reporting.

In addition to this, Greece is also facing extreme effects of climate change. When I left for this journey it was a huge risk for me. I could not comfortably pursue this expansion of my studies due to financial strain.

Support from the AMA created space for me to immerse myself in travel and culture without the constant paranoia of holds being placed on my account.

Aside from the help abroad, the AMA’s support has also allowed me to live on campus in Albany. This is vital to writing articles for the school newspaper- when I commute I miss many school events and opportunities to interview people or join communications clubs. I always have a foot out of the door.

The AMA helped me to transform from a commuter with little ties to her campus to a traveling, full time student that can pursue her studies and career freely.