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Generation Z, consumers born starting in 1997, are unlike any generation before them. They do not consume traditional media and they do not respond to traditional advertising and marketing. In his keynote speech, Mark Beal deliver his latest Gen Z research findings and insights that speak to Gen Z and their media consumption habits, social media preferences and Gen Z’s advice to marketers and advertisers on how best to capture their attention and engage them. Mark concludes his speech with several actionable recommendations that any marketer or organization can put into practice immediately.

Who is Mark Beal?

A 30-year veteran of one of the nation’s leading consumer public relations agencies where he collaborated with category leading brands and organizations, Mark Beal is the author of Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media. A full-time Professor of Practice in Public Relations at Rutgers University, Mark collaborates weekly with more than 150 Gen Zers and surveys them and Gen Zers nationwide such topics as media consumption habits, social media preferences and the most effective ways to market and engage Generation Z. Beyond his book, Mark brings his ongoing Gen Z research to life via media interviews, byline columns, keynote speeches and interactive workshops.

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