Q&A with Ali Anechiarico
AMA NY Capital Region Chapter President

Q. What made you decide to run for president?

A. I wanted to give back to the marketing community. I have had a handful of supporters and mentors in my career and I wanted to help give back in any way I could. I believe we need a stronger leadership in the marketing industry. We are now becoming Marketing Partners and CEO’s of companies and leading the industry in ways we never have before. It is an exciting time and if I can share my knowledge in any way and help connect people and grow our local market, that is what I want to do!

Q. What are you most looking forward to in your new role as president?

A. Getting to know our members better and being a part of the community. I have been an AMA member for many years and have met some really fantastic people and look forward to continuing those relationships and meeting some of our newer members.

Q. What do you see as your biggest challenge in this role?

A. Navigating the ever changing covid restrictions. We are hoping to do many more in-person events and even some member exclusive events. We are taking it slow and trying to make sure these events are something that everyone would feel comfortable attending. We never know what restrictions will be happening months ahead which can make it difficult to plan. I just can’t wait to see everyone together again!

Q. What do you hope to take away from this experience?
A. I have already learned so much! The EVP’s on the Board are fantastic! They are driven and everything they do is for the AMA membership. Everyone on the board volunteers their time and I am in awe of their generosity and commitment. I learn from each of them and our members everyday! I feel so lucky to get to work with such a creative group of people!

Q. Do you have any big goals for the year that you would like to share?
I am hoping we can bring people together again. Hold some exciting exclusive events, grow membership, and make sure everyone stays informed. We want to hear from the members more and share more about each other.

Don’t Get Left Behind
Things change quickly in marketing and the COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for the acceleration of digital marketing in particular. For this reason it is important to make continuing education a part of your career plan. The AMA makes this convenient, offering rich and timely programming to help you stay on top of new trends and continue to develop new skills as you advance in your career. In addition to local chapter events, AMA national hosts conferences, events and trainings both on demand and live/virtual. Many of these events are free or offered at a discount with an AMA membership. Upcoming events include the 2021 Digital Marketing Virtual Conference in Oct., and the 2021 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education in Nov. To learn more about these upcoming coming events and recent events that are now available on demand click on the link below.

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Is your Marketing Department Hiring?
Do you have an open marketing position at your organization or a marketing need but your not sure about an appropriate job title or job description? The AMA has put together a rundown of the general duties and responsibilities associated with the most common marketing job titles. Click here to learn more. To post a job send info to communications@amanycapital.org. To visit the job board click here.

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